September 30, 2019 15:26
Thankful for this product!
September 11, 2019 19:18
Great product
Can see the difference already after only 2 weeks of using this product.
June 26, 2019 13:23
Good results
Ive been using this the way it's suggested and the results are exactly what I expected of a product that took 20 years of formulating. I sure did do my homework before ordering this product and I am beyond pleased with the results.
October 02, 2019 15:53
Hydration my skin needed
This is definitely the hydration my skin needed.
October 01, 2019 06:38
Gift of youth
Best gift I've given myself
September 28, 2019 18:22
Hubbie loves it too
My husband uses this product too. So I had to order him his own. We both love the product line
September 27, 2019 08:58
Skin feels so soft
I was referred by a friend to use this and I am really happy I listened, after just a few weeks my skin feels so soft and moisturized.
September 24, 2019 08:05
Absolutely love it!
I absolutely love this product, and I am very satisfied.
September 14, 2019 11:30
I'm Happy
Calm and Restore does exactly that! For the first time in a very long time a product matches its results
September 10, 2019 22:19
Nice packaging
Is it weird that I love the way the serum is dispensed? The top is cute to me. Oh, and the product itself, it's an amazing hydrating formula. You can tell its a quality serum