World renowned Laser Surgeon and founder of LaseResults, Dr. Eric Bernstein has conducted extensive research on skin care for more than 30 years.


A clinical trial was done on the PM Focused Repair Lotion with 300 participants, and the results surpassed all expectations. The results of using the lotion proved to be significantly better than the results acquired through laser surgery.

2 Weeks In

300 patients participated in this study, and results were evident in just 2 weeks. With a cutometer, an instrument that measures the physical properties of the skin, we were able to see that in a span if 2 weeks, 100% of all 300 participants showed drastic improvements on skin firmness.

In those same 2 weeks, 71% of the patients showed improvement in skin tone. The natural color of their skin was able to shine more naturally.

4 Weeks In

At 4 weeks, 100% of the patients showed improvement in large pores. This was huge news because laser studies done in the past, only showed a 15% improvement on large pores.

Now with this lotion we were able to see all 300 patients get results almost 7x better than laser surgery.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

After 4 weeks, 86% of the patients showed improvement in fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, one of the major areas that show signs of aging.

Again, we have done studies on laser surgery and never obtained results that substantial.

Skin Clarity

After 4 weeks, 80% of the patients showed improvement in skin clarity. For some patients this meant their black spots were either lighter or completely gone, red areas were back to normal, and skin damage was getting repaired.

Science vs. Opinions

To clarify, the results from above are statistically significant results, and are not merely opinion based. These results and conclusions were derived using professionally ran clinical studies and advanced digital imaging to track the pores and skin condition.

Many other skin care products often advertise their customers feelings and opinions of their product, but there is no scientific backing to support their opinions.

Most often than not, users of other skin care products fall under what is called a Placebo Effect, and do not actually obtain any results, they just strong think | they did.

This is not the case with us, we have the numbers and the results that are scientifically accurate, reliable, honest, and in no way opinion based.

Independent Laboratory Research

The studies mentioned above on the PM Focused Repair Lotion were done by an Independent Laboratory Team. The LaseResults team did not take part in any of the studies so there was no bias whatsoever.